Hosted Exchange How To Create Users

NOTE: In order to create a new user you must be an Exchange Administrator for your company.

You can only create a user by logging into the Hosted Exchange Control Panel. After logging in, click the Manage Users button. At the bottom of the user list screen, click the link for the type of user you would like to create, see image below. The clickable links are underlined in red.

As seen above, you have the option of creating four different types of users:

1. MS Exchange: This user has an Exchange mailbox, and you are able to enable optional services.
2. External Contact: An external contact can be created when an individual needs an email address within your domain but doesn’t necessarily require an Exchange mailbox. This type of user is commonly used for consultants.
3. SharePoint: You must have a SharePoint user created prior to creating your SharePoint site.  This user does not have an Exchange mailbox.
4. Control Panel-Only Administrator: This type of user can view and edit all Control Panel screens, but does not have an Exchange mailbox.

When you create a new user you will be required to fill out the fields that are marked with an asterisk (*).  All other fields are optional; if they are filled out they will appear in your company’s Global Address List (GAL).


Once you are done, click the Save Changes button to create the user.

To change User Settings or Company Settings, please click here.