Hosted Exchange FAQ


  • I currently use Outlook with a POP3 account.  Why would I want to use your Hosted Exchange service?

Outlook offers mail, calendar, contacts and tasks for a single user.  When you add an Exchange server, you now have access to the same features for your group, including meetings, and access to one another’s calendars.  You also have access to public folders, which can be shared between group members.  These folders can contain email messages, files, contacts, calendars, tasks, and memos.


  • Do we need to transfer our DNS to your control?

No, but we prefer to host your DNS since it simplifies the setup process.  If we are not doing DNS for you, you will need the following information to provide to your DNS Provider:

If you do not have the MX Logic service, here are the MX Records:



If you are going to use the MX Logic service, here are the MX Records:

  • at a preference level of 10
  • at a preference level 10


MX Logic should be configured to deliver mail to:




  • How often do you patch/update the Exchange server?

The servers will be taken offline intermittently on the night of every second Friday of the Month, following Microsoft’s patch releases, for regular maintenance & upgrades from 11:00 pm to 4:00 am, EDT.  You may lose connectivity intermittently depending upon which part of the system is being worked on.  This maintenance work will help make the servers more secure by installing the latest software patches and other upgrades to help the system run better.  We have chosen a weekend night to minimize any impact on your productivity.

During this window of downtime, you may NOT be able to consistently connect to the Exchange servers via your MS Outlook or via WebMail (Outlook Web Access) or via any other devices.  Depending on which servers are being worked upon, you may intermittently lose access for all or part of this downtime window.

If you want to have access to your Outlook mailbox data during this entire window of time, you must setup Outlook to operate in Cached or Offline mode.  Any changes you make inside Outlook while in offline mode can be synchronized when you re-connect to the Exchange servers in online mode.  Instructions on setting up Outlook for Cached or Offline mode can be found in the Support Answer Center.

NOTE: Any e-mails sent to users during this time will be captured and queued by our backup server so that they will not lose any incoming e-mails.


  • Since you are scanning messages for viruses, do I still need an anti-virus client on my workstation?

Yes, everyone should be running a good updated anti-virus client.  Any good commercial product with daily updates will work fine, provided it is Outlook-aware.  We recommend our MX Logic anti-spam/anti-virus service for use with Hosted Exchange email accounts.


  • Do you offer outbound filtering?

Yes.  Outbound filtering can be set up using our MX Logic anti-spam/anti-virus service.


  • Do you offer Sharepoint?

Yes, you can add and delete SharePoint Sites in the Hosted Exchange Control Panel using an Administrator account.  More information is available here.


  • How do I set up public folders?

See our support aritcle on Public Folders for setup and management instructions.

NOTE: You will need to use the Administrative account to create public folders.  You will also need to create the public folders using Outlook 2003/2007, you will not be able to create them using OWA or Entourage 2004.


  • How do I turn off OWA/POP/IMAP access for an email account?

Using an Administrator account, login into the Hosted Exchange Control Panel. Click on the ‘Manage Users’ button or the ‘Users’ link on the left column. Click on the Actions dropdown menu for the email account you are changing and click the ‘Advanced Settings’ link. Check/Uncheck settings as desired for the account and click on the ‘Save Changes’ button.



Account size limits

  • What is my Hosted Exchange mailbox limit?

Your mailbox size limit is determined by your account type. Please click here to see the different account types and size limits available. 

If you are unsure which account type you have, please contact the Hosted Exchange Administrator for your company. They can log into the Hosted Exchange Control Panelto view and/or change your account type.


  • Will I stop receiving e-mail if I go over my storage limit for my account?

Yes. At this time we do not have an automatic notification for when email will start bouncing, so we do encourage the use of the reporting tools available in the Hosted Exchange Control Panel. The hard limit for mail bouncing is five times the storage limit. For example, on a Standard account (500 MB) mail will bounce when storage exceeds 2.5 GB. For instructions clearing out items from the server for your account, please see our support article here.


  • Do public folders count as part of my storage space usage?

No, public folders do not apply to the individual mailbox storage limits, but they do count towards your domain-wide storage limit.  There are two types of domain-wide storage limits: a hard limit and a soft limit.  The domain-wide hard limit is 5 times the sum of all the individual mailbox account limits (public folders count towards this limit).  Once this limit is reached, none of the mailbox accounts will be able to send OR receive email.  The soft limit is the sum of all the individual mailbox account limits (public folders count towards this limit).  If you exceed the domain-wide storage soft limit, an additional storage overage fee will be applied to your Hosted Exchange account.

An example: If you have 2 Standard accounts at 500 MB each, and 1 Plus account at 1,000 MB, your domain-wide soft limit is 2,000 MB (2 GB), and your domain-wide hard limit is 10,000 MB (10 GB).  If the storage used in your public folders and each mailbox account add up to more than 2,000 MB, you will be billed an additional storage overage fee.  Once the storage used in your public folders and each mailbox account add up to more than 10,000 MB, none of the individual email mailbox accounts will be able to send OR receive email.  NOTE: Individual mailbox account storage limits still apply to the individual email accounts as explained in the previous question.


  • How do I find out what my current storage usage is?

If you are an Hosted Exchange Administrator, click here for instructions on checking your company’s mailbox sizes using the Hosted Exchange Control Panel.


If you are NOT a Hosted Exchange Administrator, click here for instructions on checking your mailbox size using Outlook or Entourage.


  • What is the maximum size for an email I am sending or receiving?

The largest email that you can send or receive is 20 MB. However, real world it is more like 15 MB due to 30% overhead typically being added for MIME encoding. For more information about MIME check out this site:



Email client support

  • What versions of Entourage/Outlook are supported?

Microsoft Outlook 2003 (with Service Pack 2) and Microsoft Outlook 2007 for Windows XP or Windows Vista

Entourage 2004 (with Service Pack 2) and Entourage 2008 for Mac OS X


What Macintosh email client options are available for Hosted Exchange?

Macintosh customers now have the following options for operating within Microsoft Exchange Server environments:

  • Microsoft Entourage 2004
  • Microsoft Entourage 2008
  • Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access


These options are not mutually exclusive.  You can use any combination of the preceding options in your organization.  The following chart compares the features in each option.


Comparing options for Macintosh client computers in Exchange Server environments

Criteria of comparison


Entourage 2004/2008


Outlook Web Access


Client operating system supported



Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later All Mac OS versions
Client software required



Entourage 2004/2008 Internet Explorer 5.x
Support for offline access to data and reminders



Yes No
100% same experience as using Outlook on a Windowsbased computer



Similar No
Support for handheld synchronization



Yes No
Support for scheduling and delegated group calendaring



Yes Yes
Support for Exchange-based e-mail



Yes Yes
Support forHTML mail



Yes Yes
Support for other e-mail protocols such as POP, IMAP, and Hotmail



Yes No
Support for .PST files



No No
Support for delegation



Yes Yes
Support for Global Address List directory search No Yes


  • How does Entourage 2004 connect to an Exchange server?

Entourage for Mac OS X doesn’t use RPC-over-HTTP.  Instead, it uses WebDAV, an XML-based technology that travels over HTTP connections.


  • Can I use an IMAP or POP mail client, and leave mail on your server?

Yes, but you will not get the full functionality of Hosted Exchange without using Outlook or Entourage. IMAP and POP should only be used by Advanced Users for specific reasons. For IMAP or POP setup instructions, click here.


  • I did not find the answer to my question.  Where can I get more help?
    • Support Answer Center within your Hosted Exchange Control Panel
    • Call EasyStreet Support at (360) 735-3700
    • Email EasyStreet Support at