Infinity Personal web page

Many of our longtime customers have maintained their own personal web page for many years. These pages were originally included in our access rate plans such as dialup and dsl plans as a benefit of those services. The feature is technically available on our email only accounts provided that it is a self service function, meaning we are not able to provide support for this service and it is meant to be a low traffic site.

Say that for example your email address with us is

The URL for the site would be

Information needed to connect to your personal site with ftp or sftp to upload files



The password is the same as your email address.

It is likely that we will need to allow your IP address through our firewall for you to access with FTP or SFTP, we ask that you email your public IPv4 address to us. If you use a VPN you will need to disable it and send us your IP address, you will also need to disable it each time you wish to upload to your personal space.

Again the personal web pages were originally included as part of an access package. We want to continue to make it available provided it continues to have a low impact on our resources. These pages were not meant to be a commercial account and have no scripting abilities.

We do offer full featured web hosting packages with a cPanel management interface which has all the features many people have come to enjoy at competitive rates and we would be happy to discuss this with you and do offer support for this.