Easystreet.net Authentication changes

We recently became aware of changes being deployed with the Easystreet.net email Platform which is hosted by Microsoft, specifically their Office 365 Hosted Exchange platform.

These changes starting October 1st, 2022 will enforce what is called modern authentication. If you were directed to this page by an email that you received from us, you will need to make changes. We are currently monitoring all of our customers authentication (login) methods to determine who is affected by this. We have added some links below how to make these changes. If you don’t make these changes it is likely that logins from your devices will cease to function about October 1st.

At this time you will be able to login to the webmail to access your email at https://portal.office365.com

Any mail client will require what is called OAuth2 to be able to connect and retrieve email. If you decide to use a mail client not listed below, please make sure it supports OAuth2 before attempting to login, as it will not work.

If you have handheld Apple devices make sure that they are updated to version 15.6 or newer, if your device is capable of updating. You can check this in “Settings > General > Software Update”.

Some suggested mail clients:
– Outlook 2013 and greater will be required
– Thunderbird
– Mac Mail (default email client on MacOS)
– Gmail App (for Android)

Help Page Links For OAuth2:
Exchange Setup Mac Mail
Exchange or IMAP Setup iPhone or iPad
Exchange Setup Outlook 2016 and Newer
Exchange Setup Outlook 2013 only
Changing Thunderbird to OAuth2
Exchange Setup for Android