Account Recovery or Access

We have a process in place to gain access to accounts. There are multiple situations where this may be necessary. The below are a few situations and the information we will ask for to grant access. We have this in place to maintain the security of the account.

Activate an account

We would love for you to come back, we can activate an account once we verify you as the original account owner. As there are multiple methods to do this verification we have suggested a few.

We will call you at one of the numbers that were on file with us when the account was last active.

We can verify with the last four digits of a credit card last used, due to timing of the acquisition and when your account was last active we may or may not have this for your account depending how long it has been.

Death or other incapacitation

To gain access to an account holders account by someone other then the account holder please send us either a notarized power of attorney showing that you are authorized to act on behalf of the account holder or In the case of a death of our account holder we ask for emailed copy of the “Letter of Testamentary” showing that the person requesting this access is the authorized party along with an emailed copy of the death certificate.

Grant another party account access

If you desire to grant access to another party to your account we ask for a notarized acknowledgment of this. We have one that can be downloaded here and printed.

Accounts that have been inactive for an extended period of time will require a prepaid year service plan and a reactivation fee. We have made this amount reasonable to cover our costs.

REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION- before starting the process we recommend you gather the required supporting documentation that will be required to update your account.