Hosted Exchange Palm Treo Device Setup (ActiveSync)

NOTE: Your company’s Exchange Administrator must Enable ActiveSync on your account prior to following these steps.

You can use the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync software on your Palm Treo to wirelessly synchronize ONLY your email Inbox and Calendar.


1. An Exchange mailbox.

2. Palm Treo device with ActiveSync software. ActiveSync is part of VersaMail – if you do not have VersaMail please contact your provider to obtain a copy.

3. Subscription to a data plan from your cellular provider.

4. Ensure you can access the internet from your device by opening up your web browser and going to If this does not work, contact your cellular provider to troubleshoot.

How to setup an ActiveSync capable Palm device to use Hosted Exchange ActiveSync:

1. From the icon list, click VersaMail. If you do not come to a setup wizard, press the menu button, click Accounts at the top, then on Account Setup.

2. Click New to set up an account and use the following settings, then click Next:

Account Name: Exchange ActiveSync
Mail Service: Exchange ActiveSync

3. Enter your email address and password, then click Next:

Username: <your Hosted Exchange e-mail address>
Password: <your Hosted Exchange password>

4. Enter your email address and Exchange server, then click Next:
Email Address: <your primary email address>
Exchange Server Name:

5. Click Advanced and confirm the following values on the Incoming Server Settings page, then click Next:

Port Number: 443
User Secure Connection (SSL): CHECKED

6. On the Proxy Server Settings page, confirm the settings below and click Done:

Proxy Server: <blank>
Port Number: 80
Proxy authentication: Unchecked

7. From the Accounts screen, select the newly setup Exchange ActiveSync account and click Sync. The length of time it takes to sync the first time will depend on the amount of data you have.