Windows Vista Dial-Up Setup

Before you get started, make sure you have your EasyStreet Account Information. If you need your Account Information, please give us a call (360) 735-3700.

First, Create a new Dial Up Connection

1.  Click on the Start button, from that menu choose Connect to:


2.  In the Connect to a Network Wizard Click Set up a connection or network


3.   Select the Set up a dial-up connection


Click Next.

4.  Chooose your Dial up modem (if prompted to)
Click Next

5.  On the Set up a dial-up connection screen Enter your EasyStreet information. In the Portland area use the phone number 503-677-2100, otherwise use a number from ourDial Up Numbers List.


6.  When you have filled in the EasyStreet information, click Create


7.  You should then be able to click Close


8.  Now we need to edit the connection. Click on the Start button, from that menu choose Connect to:


9.  Right click on the Dial-up Connection, and click Properties


10.  On the Dial-up Connection Properties, highlight the Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) and click the Properties button


11.  On the General tab, click the radial button for Use the following DNS server addresses and enter as shown:


The Preferred DNS server is and the Secondary DNS server is

12.  You should now be able to click Ok, then Ok again, then right click on the Dial-up Connection and get on the internet!