Business Search FAQ

      • Can I enable/disable this feature?

If you are a EasyStreet business email user, your Enterprise Manager has the ability to enable or disable this feature on a user-by-user basis. Disabling this feature will remove all instances of the search, including the search box at the top of the application.

      • Can I turn on/off the Highlight and Search function?
        1. Click on the Preferences menu.
        2. From the Email Section, click on General Settings.
        3. Within the Viewing emails category you will see the option for Highlight and Search.
        4. Select the on or off button and click SAVE.

Yes. Users can turn on or off the Highlight and Search option from the Preferences menu:

NOTE: This feature can also be disabled when highlighting a word or phrase in email. Simply, click on the “Disable highlight and search” section of the pop-up menu.

      • How do I use the Highlight and Search method?
        1. Ensure that this feature has been enabled on your account by clicking on the Preferences menu. Under General Email Settings you will see a section for Highlight and Search.
        2. When viewing an email, simply highlight the word or phrase (up to 50 characters) you would like to search for and after a 1 second pause the pop-up menu will appear.
        3. Click on the Search for “your criteria”… section and your results will automatically populate in a new window.

To use the Highlight and Search method:

      • Is there a character limit?

Yes. The search feature will only recognize up to 50 characters per search. Therefore, if you are searching for a phrase, the search and return results will only apply to the first 50 characters of that phrase.

      • Is there a limit to the number of results I can receive?

Yes. The Business Search feature can return up to 50 results per search (10 results per page).

      • Why am I not receiving any results?

Search results are compiled directly from the database. If you perform a search that produces “no results”, it is likely that does not have an entry for that match in their database.


    • Hint: If you returns “no results”, try to broaden your search by using a general term to begin. (i.e. search for “cars”, rather than “Corvairs”)