Troubleshooting Phone Lines

Some of the problems reported by our customers are related to the quality of their phone lines. Unfortunately, this is something that is completely our of our control, and we can only refer them to their phone company for assistance.

This page is designed to help you isolate phone line issues so that you can call your telephone company to have them resolved.

I’m unable to connect, and when I do I’m getting a consistently slow connection.

There are a couple of things that could be affecting your connection, the cord attached to your modem, services on your phone, and the path the connection is taking through the phone company to get to us.

Sometimes this problem can be caused by the phone cord between your modem and the wall, or by a faulty splitter or other appliance that allows you to connect multiple devices into the same phone jack. Try using a different cord, make sure that it’s a short one, and try a different phone jack. Sometimes just making sure that only your modem is plugged into your phone jack can make a difference between connecting at a slow speed and connecting a faster.

Some services available through the phone company and appliances you can put on your phone line, can significantly affect modem connections. Having multiple services on your phone line can sometimes significantly degrade your connection, one troubleshooting step may be to temporarily block them or turn them off and try your modem and see if you get a faster connection.

Also try turning off auto-answer on your fax machine. Some fax machines generate line noise, significantly deteriorating the quality of your connection.

If you have turned off all of your services, upgraded your modem or modem drivers and your are finding that you are getting a slow connection to EasyStreet there may be a problem in the path that your call takes to get to our modems. This can be a difficult problem to isolate and we recommend that you call your phone company to address this issue.

I’m getting a “fast busy” signal (or a “circuit busy”), what causes them?

A fast-paced busy signal, “fast busy”, or a recorded voice message, “circuit busy”, is caused by telephone company circuits that are too busy to make the call. Since this congestion is within the voice phone network, your modem never contacts us to make a connection. We have no control over the phone company and strongly recommend contacting your local telephone provider.

What do I do if I have a complaint about my service?

Contact your local phone company customer service representative, their contact information is listed below or on your monthly statement. Keep a record of your conversation, and the name of the representatives you speak to, and try to be patient. It may take some time for them to gather all of the facts about your line or complaint.

Verizon Communications 
1095 Avenue of the Americas
New York, New York 10036
Customer Service: 1-800-483-4000

Qwest Communications 
1801 California St.
Denver, CO 80202
Customer Service: 800-244-1111
Repair: 800-573-1311

If you are not satisfied with the phone company’s response, you may be able to get help from the Oregon Public Utility Commission’s Consumer Services Division. You MUST contact the phone company prior to the Consumer Services office, for them to be able to help you. However, once you do, then OPUC will make every effort to resolve the issue between you and the phone company.

Oregon Public Utility Commission, Consumer Services Office 
550 Capitol St. NE; Salem, OR 97310 
(800) 522-2404 
(800) 553-9600, TDD and hearing impaired 

Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (WUTC) will also mediate disputes with your phone company, but you MUST make an attempt to resolve your issue with the telephone company first. The WUTC does not regulate all utilities, but most phone complaints fall under their jurisdiction. If your complaint concerns an issue regulated by the WUTC, you will be assigned a Consumer Program Specialist who will help you resolve your issue with the phone company.

Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission
1300 S. Evergreen Park Drive SW; Olympia, WA 98504-7250
(360) 664-1160
(800) 562-6150
Online Complaint Form